Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Launch

I just want to a quick launch. I would like to launch people who survive near death experiances and say they got through it because of the love for their kids/family. Awwwww. How sweet. However.....does that mean that people who have died didn't love their kids/family? Something to think about before you say something stupid. Well actually you'll have plenty of time to reflect on things you've said will I say Bon Voyage and catapult you into oblivion.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Douche of the Decade

Is there really any doubt as to who I'm talking about here? They don't get any douchier (sp?) than Spencer Pratt of the refunkindunkulously awful duo Speidi. I've never actually watched 'The Hills' but what I've seen of it leads me to the opnion that the whole show and all it's cast deserves to be launched into space except I won't do that since I can just decide to not watch. However Spencer and his ditzy bride, Heidi Montag, are everywhere! They talk about them on 'The Soup', 'The Tonight Show', 'E! News' and any other gossip/news/late night talk show. SHUT UP! No one cares about these losers, no one! The only reason people pay attention is so they feel better about themselves "Well, at least I'm not as bad as that douchebag /talentless bimbo". We're talking about two people who are famous literally for no reason, nobody likes them but they think they're the coolest couple since Brangelina when they're really more annoying than Tomkat, Spencer attempts to be manipulative but just comes off as a creepy moron while Heidi's head would probably explode if you told her to think for herself. Spencer, you are a douchebag like no other and Heidi you are worthless. You both belong stuck together forever in a rat cage, destined to be launched into space.

Oh and to the media - STOP SHOWING THESE DUMBF****! NO ONE CARES!!!

Anyways, here are some of their ridiculous quotes.

"I would do reality TV forever. It's so much cooler to have people come up to me and be like, 'Spencer Pratt!' and know my name, than to be Orlando Bloom, who's famous for being some pirate."-Spencer Pratt

"I think I was just thrilled. I think honestly, it was like Extreme Makeover."-Heidi Montag, on getting a boob job.

Spencer Pratt: "My hustle is just too crazy. I'm trying to take over the world!"

Spencer Pratt: "I'm gonna run for governor in a few years. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the governor of California, Spencer Pratt can be the governor of California. Heidi's learning to be a first lady. She could be my Hillary Clinton!"

Spencer Pratt: "I used to think marriage was the dumbest thing for guys who couldn't get laid."

Heidi: (on LC's claim that Heidi spread sex-tape rumors about her) "God knows the truth in all of this, and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. Jesus was persecuted, and I'm going to get persecuted, ya know?"

Heidi: "I also plan to win an Oscar. I'm very ambitious. "

Spencer: "Super-celebrities don't belong in the jungle. They belong in Hollywood with the paparazzi."

Heidi "My goal is to be a true disciple of Jesus, a Mother Teresa helping the poor and the hungry,"

The list could go on forever!!!

Kanye West - Voice of whose generation?

Ok, so let me just start this off with a few of Kanye's quotes and if they don't make you want to launch him into nothingness then you should be launched right along with him.

“We buy our way out of jail but we can't buy freedom,We buy a lot of clothes when we don't really need them, Things we buy to cover up what's inside.”

“I don't know whats better gettin laid or gettin paid.”

“ music isn't just music- it's medicine.”

“Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else?”

"I realize that my place and position in history is that I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade, I will be the loudest voice, it's me settling into that position of just really accepting that it's one thing to say you want to do it and it's another thing to really end up being like Michael Jordan."

This is one of the most arrogant people I have ever heard of. He sure as hell isn't the voice of MY generation. He's the guy whose mouth you want to duct tape shut so you don't ever want to hear his voice again. I have to admit that he has some good songs but they sure as hell ain't the best. He's no Timbaland or Dr Dre when it comes to beats and he sure as hell isn't the lyricist that Tupac and Biggie were. He's just another rapper. This grown man threw a hissy fit because he didnt win awards that he thought he should. You can go on youtube and see a multitude of different tantrums he's had or search Kanye quotes on google. Sorry Kanye but your s*** does stink. Congratulations!! You are the first celebrity pig that I am launching into space.